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Fr No.






LS29124 224 1896 $1 One of the most beautiful notes issued by the BEP, this "Educational" has been designated by PCGS as About New 53 and exhibits uniform full margins with centering displaced downward slightly---a clean and very desirable note AU
LS29134 272 1899 $5 PCGS thought enough of this Chief to place it in a Choice About New, 58, PPQ holder; if is very well centered within large uniform equal size margins---a superior example for almost any collection Ch AU+
LS29184 281 1899 $5 A relatively clean PMG certified 15, Choice Fine, "Chief" with no  significant distractions; well centered within good size full margins Ch F+
LT29094 16c 1862 $1 This is a National Bank Note prepared note with small spiked red seal is set within uniform large full margins; this is the variety with no ABNCo. designation or Patent date. VF+
LT29204 63a 1862 $5 A prime example of this first Federal $5 issue in very high grade; designated New, 62, PPQ by PCGS, this is a premium note destined for a top quality collection; bright and clean with large uniform margins and great centering CU $2995
LT29174 69 1878 $5 This example of the earlier "Wood Chopper" issue is very well centered within large uniform margins; graded Choice About Uncirculated 58 by PMG, this large red scalloped seal issue is very bright and clean Ch AU+ $1675
LT29194 73 1880 $5 PMG has graded this note About Uncirculated 55; medium size uniform full margins are seen on both sides and centering is very good for this large red seal issue AU $1095
LT29154 106 1880 $10 Graded Choice Uncirculated 64, PPQ, by PMG, this "Jackass" note is well centered within semi-uniform full margins with bright color and high embossing present Ch CU+ $2975
LT29144 122 1901 $10 This popular bison note has seen it's share of circulation, but it is all there; the margins are uniform (small top and bottom) with very good centering, PMG graded Choice Fine 15 Ch F+
LT29104 90 1907 $5 This ever-popular '07 Wood  Chopper displays relatively clean surfaces for the grade with uniform margins and good centering which is shifted slightly toward the bottom VF+ $295
LT29164 91 1907 $5 This small red seal Speelman-White "Wood Chopper" has uniform small margins and very good centering;  PMG has certified it a Gem Uncirculated 65, EPQ Gem CU $1500
LT29084 60 1917 $2 This last large issue small scalloped red seal Deuce displays uniform margins positioned close at the top and bottom with very nice centering; a pleasing quality Speelman-White issue AU+
TN29114 352 1891 $1 A really nice, bright, clean example of this Stanton Treasury Note issue with the small scalloped red seal and uniform large margins on both sides; the centering is very good on both sides XF

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