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Fr. No.

Origin Date Den.




CC13746 CC-36 Continental Mazy 9, 1776 $6 This issue printed in Philadelphia by Hall & Sellers has  tiny uniform full margins except for the clip at the top-left corner; the surfaces are worn and soiled as would be expected VF $180
CC13382 CC-61 Continental Feb. 26, 1777 $8 Tiny irregular full margins on the front with reasonable centering; the back has full uneven margins with the centering shifted toward the top, the inking is good both sides as printed by Hall and Sellers  AU $385
CC12919 CC-62 Continental Feb. 26, 1777 $30 Tiny irregular margins obverse, cut past the frame line at the lower right end, full margins verso, printed by Hall and Sellers  with good centering reverse and shifted slightly to the bottom right on the obverse;  Additional notes:  CC13736, XF @ $435  XF+ $495
CC13021 CC-82 Continental Sept. 26, 1778 $20 Full uniform relatively large margin on both the obverse and reverse; centering is also good on both sides.  Large flakes of mica present on the reverse, smaller on the front, both sides are reasonably well inked and printed by Hall and Sellers AU+ $380
CC13716 CC-83 Continental Sep. 26, 1778 $30 The surfaces are quite clean for the degree of circulation this note has seen with full semi-uniform margins clipped at both bottom corners, but still full Ch AU $295
CC13041 CC-95 Continental Jan. 14, 1779 $40 Full irregular small margins on the front and, as usual for this issue, large, relatively even margins on the reverse.  Good color and inking, by Hall and Sellers XF+ $320
CC13756 CT-209 Connecticut June 19, 1776 1s6d This is an exceptionally bright clean example with uniform tiny full margins and very good centering, printed in New London, CT by Timothy Green Unc++
CC13766 CT-217 Connecticut Oct. 11, 1771 5d Printed on thinner gray paper, this small issue is very clean exhibiting full semi-uniform full margins with the centering shifted slightly toward the left Ch CU
CC13534 CT-237 Connecticut July 1, 1780 5s This hole-out-cancelled specimen is relatively clean for it's age and has been trimmed close to the devices, but not into them, on the face, the back being off center slightly at the top Unc $175
CC13051 DE-77 Delaware Jan. 1, 1776 5s Two tiny full margins, with the top and bottom cut just to the frame lines on the front, on the reverse, the devices have been penetrated slightly at the top and just barely at the bottom.  The inking is bright and clear on this issue printed by James Adams CU
CC13061 DE-80 Delaware Jan. 1, 1776 20s The margins are cut to the framelines at the top, bottom and left side on the face of this note.  The reverse has three full irregularly shaped margins with the top cut into the design slightly.  Mica is present on both sides of this relatively clean note XF++ $300
CC13616 MD-65 Maryland April 10, 1774 $2/3 The margins are irregularly cut with three full margins front, the left side cut into the design; the everse presents full irregularly sized margins with centering shifted toward the top AU
CC13776 MD-88 Maryland Dec. 7, 1775 $4 Printed by F. Green and originating from Annapolis, MD, this well circulated example has fine mica verso and wear lightening of the obverse; the margins are tiny but full with very good centering VF $260
CC13554 NJ-152 New Jersey Dec. 1, 1763 1s The margins are trimmed close at the top and left end; printed by Ja. Parker in Woodbridge, NJ and showing very clean surfaces both sides with extra-heavy paper CU
CC13464 NJ-174 New Jersey Feb. 20, 1776 3 The margins are trimmed through the bottom and right to or close to the frame lines on the others on the front; the usual light circulation soil is seen verso XF $425
CC13332 NJ-177 New Jersey Mar. 25, 1776 3s The margins are irregular but with full frame lines on the obverse and large and full verso with good inking on both sides and printed in bi-color on the front AU $235
CC13101 NJ-179 New Jersey Mar. 25, 1776 12s Very large uniform margins surround this brightly printed high grade beauty, very well centered on both sides, well inked with printing by I. Collins Ch AU+
CC13786 NY-177 New York Sept. 2, 1775 $1 The corners are rounded form wear circulation, but the margins are full and complete; noted on the obverse is the printing date, 1775, by John Holt as is some light circulation soil VF $410
CC13574 NY-179 New York Sept. 2, 1775 $3 The margins are fairly large on both surfaces with the front bottom closely cut at the left end; the surfaces are very clean and bright,  printed by John Holt AU+
CC13131 NC-137 North Carolina Dec., 1771 5s Irregularly shaped margins on all sides, cut through the frame lines at the left and top, printed on laid paper.  A clean unifaced note CU $495
CC13121 NC-138 North Carolina Dec., 1771 10s Four full small uneven margins on the obverse of this uniface issue; some slight soli present AU
CC13151 NC-139 North Carolina Dec., 1771 1 Three full irregular margins, the top is cut just to the frame line; deep embossing at the perimeter lines on laid paper AU $430
CC13796 NC-141 North Carolina Dec., 1771 2 This example has small internal and edge tears with very irregularly cut  margins, into the frame line at the top, otherwise full; very little circulation soil is seen VF+ $360
CC13161 NC-176 North Carolina Aug. 8, 1778 $5 Small rounded full margins around this "The Rising States" note printed on soft pourous paper with small mica flakes present both sides, printed by Davis with relatively light inking both sides XF+ $275
CC13342 PA-154 Pennsylvania Apr. 3, 1772 1s The margins are cut very irregularly in size and shape; circulation soil is present, particularly on the reverse and the centering is shifted toward the right from the front and the bottom on the reverse XF+ $215
CC13171 PA-155 Pennsylvania Apr. 3, 1772 18d Very nice full uniform margins are present on both sides of this early issue printed by D. Hall and W. Sellers.  The centering is great on the obverse and shifted toward the right on the reverse. Inking and eye appeal are right on the money and large mica flakes are present on both sides Ch CU
CC13806 PA-161 Pennsylvania Mar. 20, 1773 14s The margins are not cut square to the design, but they are full and complete; as such, the centering is good and cleanliness of the surfaces are consistent with the grade, with printing by Hall and Sellers XF+ $260
CC13867 PA-165 Pennsylvania Oct. 1, 1773 2s 6d Hall & Sellers printed this issue that has seen considerable circulation showing some surface soil and corner rounding; the centering is reasonably good within irregularly shaped margins F+ $95
CC13816 PA-166 Pennsylvania Oct. 1, 1773 5s Another example with irregularly cut margins, to the frame line at the top, otherwise full and complete; the verso shows more soil than the face, but brighter than would be expected for this grade F+ $120
CC13696 PA-167 Pennsylvania Oct. 1, 1773 10s The mica is small and well distributed with small semi-uniform margins and clean surfaces; Additional notes:  CC13191, Ch XF+ @ 235 ,  CC13877, XF @ $195  Ch AU $245
CC13352 PA-168 Pennsylvania Oct. 1, 1773 15s The margins are tight but with full frame lines on the obverse with full larger margins on the reverse; printed by Hall & Sellers with good inking on both sides AU $210
CC12738 PA-170 Pennsylvania Oct. 1, 1773 50s Three sides have irregular margins, the top is cut into the device, good centering on the obverse, the back has full unequal, irregular margins, centering is shifted toward the left, clean, good mica;  Additional notes:  CC13826, XF @ $195CC13887, XF @ $195  AU $315
CC13584 PA-183 Pennsylvania Oct. 25, 1775 6d The  mica is light and small, principally seen verso; this note has three larger irregularly cut margins with the top being smaller, but full, printed by Hall and Sellers Ch CU
CC13836 PA-185 Pennsylvania Oct. 25, 1775 1s Some surface soil is seen on both the front and reverse, consistent with the grade with significant mica present, particularly on the face; the margins are somewhat irregularly cut, but full with complete frame lines and design XF $185
CC13181 PA-186 Pennsylvania Oct. 25, 1775 18d Full small slightly irregular margins surround this uncirculated note; centering is quite good on both sides.  Nice large mica flakes are present on both sides of this issue printed by Hall and Sellers Ch CU $320
CC13201 PA-187 Pennsylvania Oct. 25, 1775 2s This note exhibits semi-uniform small full margins on all sides, both front & reverse with good centering also present on both sides; tiny flakes of mica present, predominantly verso Ch AU $245
CC13846 PA-188 Pennsylvania Oct. 25, 1775 2s6d The margins are trimmed right to the frame lines at the left column and bottom-right column base, otherwise of reasonable size and shape; nice size mica is present on relatively clean surfaces AU $285
CC13211 PA-195 Pennsylvania Dec. 8, 1775 30s Full semi uniform margins on the obverse and cut right to the design at the left and bottom on the reverse, making the centering shifted down and to the left verso.  A reasonable clean note with significant mica present on both sides XF+ $275
CC13856 PA-196 Pennsylvania Dec. 8, 1775 40s Irregularly cut margins ar present, cut to the design or frame lines at the right and bottom; ink is bright and dark and surfaces clean AU+ $305
CC13897 PA-203 Pennsylvania Apr. 25, 1777 2s The margins on this example are quite irregularly cut but generally do not penetrate the devices; the surfaces are reasonably clean and bright XF+ $180
CC13241 PA-209 Pennsylvania Apr. 10, 1777 3d The margins are cut quite irregularly in shape; they are small but full on both sides, cut just to the frame line at the top right on the obverse, clean for the grade AU+ $275
CC13907 PA-210 Pennsylvania Apr. 10, 1777 4d The margins are irregular in size, but all ar full with centering shifted slightly toward the left; the surfaces are clean and impressions bright XF+ $160
CC13706 PA-221b Pennsylvania Apr. 10, 1777 16s This is the scarcer variety printed in red and black and has irregularly cut small full margins on three sides, the bottom being larger; a large PENNSYL-VANIA watermark is also seen Ch XF+ $595
CC13514 RI-286 Rhode Island July 2, 1780 $5 This note was printed by Hall and Sellers and is well centered within uniform full margins on the front, displaced slightly toward the left & bottom verso with clean bright surfaces Ch AU $495
CC13261 RI-287 Rhode Island July 2, 1780 $7 Obverse margins are quite irregular in size and shape, cut just to the frame line at the upper left; on the reverse, the margin cuts into the design slightly at the lower right.  Some circulation soil present, primarily on the back XF $215
CC13281 RI-288 Rhode Island July 2, 1780 $8 A crisp note by Hall & Sellers with full irregular margins cut just to the design at the upper left on the verso; bright red overprint on the reverse and good mica on both sides Ch CU
CC13484 RI-290 Rhode Island May, 1786 6d A bright clean example of this Colonial issue with full uniform margins and very good centering;  Additional notes:  CC13666, Ch XF+ @ $295  Ch AU
CC13494 RI-297 Rhode Island May, 1786 10s A very well centered and margined high grade example of this late issue from Rhode Island, printed on relatively thin paper for the period by Southwick and Barber;  Additional notes: CC13656, CU @ $395 CU
CC13504 RI-298 Rhode Island May, 1786 20s Denominated as 20 shillings on the face and one pound verso, this note has been closely trimmed but with good centering; printed by Southwick and Barber on relatively thin paper for the period and clean both surfaces;  Additional notes:  CC13676, Ch AU @ $300 Ch Unc
CC13636 RI-299 Rhode Island May, 1786 30s The front surface is very well centered within large uniform margins while the back has the margin trimmed close at the left and the other three margins are reasonably full, large and uniform; printed by Southwick and Barber VCh CU $350
CC13646 RI-301 Rhode Island May, 1786 3 The margins on both the front and reverse are full and semi-uniform in size and shape; all surfaces are quite clean with good inking on both sides.  Printed by Southwick and Barber Ch AU+ $395
CC13594 SC-126 South Carolina Mar. 6, 1776 25 This rare issue has tiny full irregularly cut and sized margins; the surfaces are quite clean for the grade, a truly handsome example and will fit nicely into a fine collection Ch XF+ $3995
CC13917 SC-141 South Carolina Dec. 23, 1776 $8 Graded Very Choice New 64PPQ by PCGS, this bright, well printed issue displays nice full uniform margins of differing sizes, this latter feature being the only impediment to a full Gem with "DEATH to counterfeiters" prominently displayed twice verso as is "Charles Town" as the location of printing by Pet. Timothy in 1777 VCh CU $2995
CC13604 SC-149 South Carolina Apr. 10, 1778 10s This is one of the very few Colonial notes I have seen that is truly well centered within full uniform large margins; the printing is very bright, well inked and well presented Gem CU
CC13301 VA-130 Virginia Oct. 20, 1777 $10 Very irregular but full margins surround this Virginia uniface issue; some circulation soil present, particularly seen on the reverse VF $430

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