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Navigating the Internet to locate topics of interest can be very time consuming at times. We have provided a few of the more useful site links we have found below, with the hope that they may help expedite your locating the topics you seek


In order to maintain a meaningful presence in the collectibles in which we deal, it is essential to be aware of the happenings in the industry, as they happen.  To achieve this, we have always maintained membership in a broad variety of organizations, starting as a collector, long before we began to deal in these same collectibles.  Tabulated below is a summary of the Societies, Associations and Organizations to which we have belonged over the years.  Where available, a link to each organization's Website has been included.

Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC)

Professional Currency Dealers Association (PCDA)

American Numismatic Association (ANA)

Florida United Numismatists (FUN)

American Philatelic Society (APS)

Western Cover Society (WCS)

American Revenue Association (ARA)

The Ephemera Society of America (ES)

American Society of Check Collectors (ASCC)

Souvenir Card Collectors Society (SCCS)











Each of these organizations publishes the current events, research and articles of interest for their particular segment of the market, usually on a quarterly basis.  We have made every effort to relay any significant information gathered from these resources to our clients.  Historically this has been achieved through across-the-table conversations at the shows that we attend.

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Navigating the internet to locate listings or links related to the collecting specialties contained in this Website can prove to be daunting and time consuming.  To assist those of you who are looking for additional and/or supplementary information related to a specific collecting area, the following additional resource links are provided. 

Please Note: No endorsement with regard to the accuracy or contents of any of the resources listed is expressed or implied by their inclusion.  This listing and the associated links are provided only as a short cut to other sources or directories that may potentially help you in your search for information.



Coinsheet Numismatic Directory






Goldsheet Mining Directory





A comprehensive worldwide resource for coin and currency related Websites, which includes over 3500 listings

A comprehensive worldwide resource for mining related Websites, which currently lists over 2000 mining firms, along with newsletters, mutual funds, and other interesting and useful resources