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For the past 40 years we have been devoted to the location, acquisition and preservation of materials related to the California Gold Rush & the development of the West, the Civil War and, for the last 35 years, the Currency issues of the United States.

Our base of operations has been the same for the past 65 years--just Southwest of Los Angeles in the South Bay region of Torrance, California.  In 1974 we began collecting material from the California Gold Rush including checks, exchanges, mining and railroad stock certificates and other ephemera.  In 1979 we were introduced to Paper Money and became an avid participant.  In 1980 we began to deal in these disciplines on a part time basis and then in 1992 we become a full time dealer focusing on Confederate Currency and U.S. Type Notes; shortly thereafter we added Obsolete Currency (also known as Broken Bank Notes) to our inventory.


We have remained full time dealers for the intervening years. To further expand our market penetration, we undertook the design of this Website to better access both the collectors and dealers that we have served for these many years and also those folks that we have not been able to reach in our travels throughout the United States.


As a full time dealer, we strive to maintain the highest degree of integrity in every transaction.  To this end, and, as an active member of the Professional Currency Dealers Association, we have pledged to uphold each element of the Association's "Code of Ethics" in all of our transactions.  A complete extract from the By-Laws of the PCDA related to their "Code of Ethics" is available for your review by clicking on this link.


The navigation of this Site has been constructed to be as functional and user friendly as possible. We welcome any and all comments that you may have regarding its operation, linking, content or presentation at Vern@VernPotter.com.

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