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Missouri Obsolete Currency


To view an enlarged image, click on the thumbnail image.  To return to this table, click on the enlarged front or back image.  "New Purchases" are identified by a change in the color of the ID # to blue or purple.  To return to the same note on the "New Purchases Page", click on that ID #.  To view Additional notes, click on the adjacent blue or purple ID # ; to return to "New Purchases Page", click on NOTE:  There are no Specialty (Spec.) listings published for Missouri, therefore not applicable (N/A).  The Whitman #'s will be added when the volume becomes available.





Date Den. Cr. Spec.






MO15694 Jefferson City City of Jefferson 1875 $1 Unl N/A Unl -- Western Engraving Co. prepared this uniform full margined example with lacy green overprint & brown reverse Gem CU $715
MO67909 Jefferson City State of Missouri 186- $1 18 N/A Unl -- Small irregularly sized margins, cut to the frame line at the right, variety with W.T. & Co. watermarked paper, engraved by Keatinge & Ball;  Additional notes: MO83661, Unc+ @ $175, MO83201, AU+ @ $135  CU $220
MO79740 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $1 18a N/A Unl -- Full and uniformly margined, this R-7 unwatermarked variety has   the red ONE overprint at the top center; Additional notes: MO97333, AU+ @ $180,  MO79750, AU+ @ $180  Ch Unc $210
MO76620 Jefferson City State of Missouri 186- $1 18b N/A Unl -- An example of the T.C.C. & Co. watermarked variety with full very tiny margins and well centered;  Additional notes: MO93712, CU @ $215MO93722, Ch Unc+ @ $195MO26866, Unc++ @ $180MO64308, Unc+ @ $175MO17171, XF @ $130  CU $215
MO76630 Jefferson City State of Missouri 186- $3 17a N/A Unl -- An R-6 variety printed on un-watermarked paper by Keatinge & Ball; well centered within small uniform margins all around Unc $270
MO76640 Jefferson City State of Missouri 186- $3 17b N/A Unl -- Uniform small margins, well centered; an R-7 variety printed on T.C.C. & Co. water-marked paper, engraved by Keatinge & Ball; Additional notes; MO54048, CU @ $340MO90202, VF+ @ $125  Ch CU $365
MO74849 Jefferson City State of Missouri 186- $50 20 N/A Unl -- Irregular tiny margins, cut through the line at the upper right; this R-5 remainder is printed on unwatermarked paper; Additional notes: MO79760, CU @ $415  CU $415
MO79770 Jefferson City State of Missouri 186- $100 19 N/A Unl -- This issue has very tiny, but full, margins which are cut rather irregularly; the centering is very good and it is clean & bright; Additional notes: MO74859, AU+ @ $410  Ch CU $515
MO15674 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $1 13 N/A Unl -- The margins are irregular and very tiny, cut through the primary frame line at the top right; engraved by A. Malus, printed on earlier Union Bank check verso; Additional notes: MO32474, AU+ @ $325  Unc+ $350
MO15654 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $3 8 N/A Unl -- This  R-8 variety has very uniform tiny full margins and very goo d centering, engraved by A. Malus; Additional notes: MO32756, CU @ $350 Ch CU $395
MO32170 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $3 9 N/A Unl -- This R-6 issue is printed on the back of former Bills of Exchange on blue paper and displays very irregularly cur margins cut through the primary frame line at the upper left  CU $250
MO72619 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1864 $5 6b N/A Unl -- Tiny margins all around, cut into the device at top, bright & clean; an R-8 variety with the date altered to 1864 in red pen CU $425
MO54108 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $10 4a N/A Unl -- An R-6 note, the variety with the engravers imprint removed, with uniform tiny margins, well centered, on blue paper AU $325
MO40017 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $20 2 N/A Unl -- Tiny irregularly cut but full margins, good centering on this scarce R-8 imprint on un-watermarked blue paper; Additional notes:  MO32816, AU @ $250  AU+ $275
MO32826 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $20 2d N/A Unl -- All four margins cut skewed and into the device on this R-6 issue printed on blue un-watermarked paper; Additional notes: MO33621, Unc @ $290MO32836, AU @ $270MO33611, XF+ @ $250   Unc $290
MO32796 Jefferson City State of Missouri 1862 $20 1 N/A Unl -- This example of this R-6 uniface issue with printed date and printed on laid white un-watermarked paper with full small uniform margins and good centering; Additional notes: MO26886, AU @ $340  Unc $395
MO79800 St. Louis Butchers'/ Drovers' Bank 1870 $10 B-810 N/A Unl -- Irregular tight margins on all sides, cut close to the frame lines, engraved by the St. Louis Bank Note Co. VF+ $140
MO79810 St. Louis Butchers'/ Drovers' Bank 1870 $100 B-828 N/A Unl -- Uneven margins, cut in at the top right and bottom left, pretty clean for this grade, principally seen verso F $150
MO20875 St. Louis Exchange Bank of St. Louis 18-- $10 Unl N/A Unl -- Large uniform full margins are seen on this P/C Proof on India on Card under printed in red with tiny fine wavey lines & outlining a white TEN at the bottom Gem Prf $1295
MO96163 St. Louis Terre Haute, Alton & St. Louis 1859 $5 Unl N/A Unl -- A note that has been around the block a few times, but all there; margins are irregular but full and some soiling is present F+ $50

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