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Illinois Obsolete Currency


To view an enlarged image, click on the thumbnail image.  To return to this table, click on the enlarged front or back image.  "New Purchases" are identified by a change in the color of the ID # to blue or purple.  To return to the same note on the "New Purchases Page", click on that ID #.  To view Additional notes, click on the adjacent blue or purple ID # ; to return to "New Purchases Page", click on NOTE:  There are no Specialty (Spec.) listings published for Illinois, therefore not applicable (N/A).  The Whitman #'s will be added as the volumes become available.





Date Den Cr. Spec.






IL84101 Beardstown Champlin, Smith & Co. 185- $10 Unl N/A Unl -- A $10 promissory note at 10% interest, with interest payable at the Banking House of J.C. Leonard, toning at ends XF $290
IL84891 Bloomington La Fayette Bank 1858 $5 Unl N/A 65-C8a -- A counterfeit by Danforth, Wright & Co. with varying size margins, well centered, clean for the grade VF+ $375
IL87271 Chicago Bank of Chicago 1852 $1 Unl N/A Unl -- Toppan Carpenter & Co. prepared this issue with a red ONE overprint; margions are tiny & irregular F+ $165
IL84911 Chicago Chicago Marine & Fire Ins 18-- $2 Unl N/A Unl -- A remainder well centered within uniform  medium sized margins; engraved by New England Bank Note Co.; Additional notes: IL84901, VF @ $190 Ch CU $230
IL46557 Chicago Chicago Marine & Fire Ins. 18-- $3 Unl N/A Unl -- A few wrinkles, as made, on this odd denomination note with uniform full small margins, well centered, remainder; Additional notes: IL41727, AU @ $180 AU+ $185
IL41737 Chicago Chicago Marine & Fire Ins. 18-- $5 Unl N/A Unl -- A remainder with tiny but full margins, well centered, light toning, as all are, clean, engraved by New England Bank Note Co. AU $180
IL87281 Chicago Merchants & Planters Bank 1838 $100 Unl N/A 175-S6a -- A spurious issue with no engraver noted; margins are irregular and cut to the frame line at the left, red rays verso VF $380
IL86461 Chicago Marine Fire Ins. of Sinipee, WI 1844 $2 Unl N/A 740-G10 -- A very well centered note within tiny uniform full margins; a Wisconsin bank payable at their office in Chicago CU $295
IL20165 Chicago P. Palmer & Co. 186- $0.25 Unl N/A Unl -- A remainder piece of fractional Store Scrip with a colorful well balanced design displaying uniform large full margins and very nice centering Ch XF+ $120
IL13754 Dixon Dixon Hotel Company 18-- $5 Unl N/A Unl -- An unusual combination--a Hotel affiliated with a Banking House; this remainder exhibits small uniform full margins & is well centered Ch CU $275
IL84921 Elgin Elgin Bank 18-- $1 Unl N/A Unl -- A remainder from the Elgin Bank of D. Clark & Co., Elgin, IL payable in Rome, NY.  Well centered within uniform margins Ch AU $345
IL84931 Elgin Elgin Bank 18-- $2 Unl N/A Unl -- The Elgin Bank of D. Clark & Co., Elgin, IL payable in Rome, NY, engraved by Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co. Ch CU $535
IL13764 Golconda Hodge & Carr Scrip 1862 $0.05 Unl N/A Unl -- This private Scrip, "Issued under the law of Necessity", was payable in United States Treasury Notes and presents a fancy red border F++ $435
IL84941 Jackson Exporting, Mining & Mfg, Bank 1836 $5 Unl N/A Unl -- A scarce note in any grade, this pen cancelled issue is clean & bright for the grade & well centered, full margins VF $950
IL92192 Kaskaskia Bank of Cairo 1840 $5 C-110 N/A 435-G24 -- The margins are irregular but full on all sides of this issue by Underwood, Bald, Spencer & Hufty AU+ $425
IL13774 Kewanee Union Savings Bank 1861 $0.25 Unl N/A Unl -- A private Scrip issue by the Philadelphia Cash Store with irregular margins cut to the frame line left & top; a very clean note for the grade VF/XF $215
IL84961 Lockport Branch State Bank at Chicago 1839 $1 B-156 N/A Unl -- An Illinois & Michigan Canal Co. time draft with good centering within tiny margins, cut cancelled VF+ $60
IL13824 Lockport Branch State Bank at Chicago 1839 $2 B-159 N/A Unl -- A 90-day IL & MI Canal draft with close cut margins on three sides, the left end full margined, hammer cut cancelled AU+ $95
IL13784 Lockport IL & MI Canal 1842 $1 I-350 N/A Unl -- A hammer cut cancelled issue by the Board of Commissioners for work on the Canal, printed on the reverse of former State Bank notes; Additional notes:  IL13794, XF @ $85  Ch AU $95
IL13804 Lockport IL & MI Canal 1842 $2.50 I-354 N/A Unl -- Printed in the back of earlier State Bank notes, this example displays a secondary frame line at the bottom, partial primary top & pen cancelled signatures & C/C XF+
IL13814 Lockport IL & MI Canal 1842 $50 I-420 N/A Unl -- This high denomination Indebtedness cert is both pen and cut cancelled; printed on the reverse of former State Bank notes Unc $195
IL85001 Lockport State Bank 1840 $5 S-436 N/A Unl -- A bright clean example of this C/C Rawdon, Wright & Hatch engraved note with full irregular margins  XF $80
IL32580 Lockport State Bank 18-- $10 S-440 N/A Unl -- Small semi-uniform full uniform margins on all sides, good centering; engraved by Rawdon, Wright & Hatch CU $100
IL13844 Lockport State Bank 18-- $50 S-452 N/A Unl -- This remainder displays large uniform full margins and is very well centered; drawn on the Illinois & Michigan Canal Fund V Ch CU $160
IL85021 Oregon County of Ogle Treasurer 1865 $100 Unl N/A Unl -- A Treasurers Bounty Warrant for Volunteers prepared by Culver, Page & Hoyne; perfect centering in large margins Gem AU $340
IL13854 Perkin Illinois River RR Co. 1862 $0.10 Unl N/A Unl -- This scrip was receivable for passengers or freight on the Illinois River RR; displaying full margins, although cut close at the left end VF/XF $435
IL87331 Rock Island Rock Island Bank 1852 $1 Unl N/A 705-G10 -- Danforth Bald & Co. prepared this note exhibiting tiny uniform margins & well centered AU $375
IL85031 Springfield State Fund Commis-sioner 1840 $100 F-800 N/A Unl -- A punch and ink cancelled interest bearing Public Works Warrant with no engraver noted; well centered in full margins VF $125
IL89312 Springfield Internal Improvement 1840 $1 I-550 N/A Unl -- A note by Woodruff & Hammond with irregular small margins cut close at the top; issued by the City of Springfield; Additional notes: IL51087, AU @ $90 Unc $95
IL46607 Springfield Internal Improvement 1840 $2 I-554 N/A Unl -- An issue engraved by Woodruff & Hammond with full uniform margins and well centered  Unc $125
IL85041 Springfield Internal Improvement 1840 $5 I-568 N/A Unl -- Another Internal Improvement note with choice centering within nice uniform full margins CU $120
IL13864 Springfield State Bank 18-- $10 Unl N/A 775-G222   A remainder of the varieth payable at the Phenix Bank in New York City with full uniform small margins and well centered Ch AU+ $130
IL83501 Virginia County of Cass 18-- $1 Unl N/A Unl   A very clean remainder issued for County business engraved by T.R. Whitney with irregular small full margins CU $265

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