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T-1 to T-38, 1861 Confederate Currency


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Cr. No.





C134017 1 1 $1000 PMG has graded this first Confederate Montgomery issue Choice Fine15 Net with repair(s) noted verso.  It has seen its share of circulation but presents a well centered example exhibiting full uniform margins with the surface soil to be expected for this grade.  The repair(s) noted by PMG were very well done with detection difficult, if they can be found; overall a very nice addition to anyone's collection Ch F+
C133767 3 3 $100 This National Bank Note Co. engraved note displays full semi-uniform margins with a protector panel bottom, "C" at top left & an ornate border in green; a freight dock and locomotive are seen at center & Ceres to the left.  PCGS has identified a small repair at center, the color is outstanding with clean surfaces both sides and very good centering VF/XF
C133746 4 4 $50 Engraved by the National Bank Note Co., this punch cancelled example depicts hoers in the field at the center with a protector panel at the bottom, rosettes each side and full border in green; the margins are uneven, but with full peripheral design and good centering.  The surfaces show the usual amount of circulation soil for the grade and PMG notes no repairs with small tears VF
C132605 5 5 $100 Southern Bank Note Co. engraved this note which has full close margins with green HUNDRED overprinting, a wood burning locomotive & pin hole noted at center, Minerva, Goddess of War, at right and Justice at left Ch XF++
C132615 6 6 $50 The margins on this  R 6 issue  by the Southern Bank Note Co. are small, full and very uniform with very good centering; overprinted with a green FIFTY & L   L at center, Justice to the left and Washington to the right:  Additional notes:  C129350, VF+ @ $4550   VCh CU
C128728 7 11 $100 This is a rarity 7 displaying Serial letter C, with "For" printed before "Treas'r" on thin paper.  The margins are tiny but full, none cut through the frame lines, a pin hole is noted but very clean for the grade; a nice example of the issue VF $2475
C130361 8 18 $50 This R-5 variety displays the Serial letter Bb with "For" before "Treas'r" and is printed on bond paper; the top margin is cut just through the frame lines at the right, blue "C" stamp at left center on the front; Additional notesC132595, PMG 58 EPQ, Ch AU+ @ $650   ,   C128738, XF+ @ $495C132835, VF+ @ $385     CU


9 31 $20 Full unusually uniform margins and outstanding centering are seen on this example printed on bond paper with Serial letter D, "For Treas  r" and small XX at lower right.  Lithography by Hoyer & Ludwig;  Additional notes: C132845, Ch XF @ $385  ,  C128758, Ch VF+ @ $275C128748, F+ @ $205 Gem AU++ $1095


10 37 $10 This is the R-7+ variety with small "10" at the upper left and "for" printed over "Treas"r" with small irregular full margins, good centering; a clean, premium note for the grade F+ $950


12 48 $5 This is a fully margined example of this R-8 issue by J. Manouvrier with the Serial Letter H, printed in blue verso and black on the face on bank bond paper; the blue reverse is reasonably bright for this issue with some circulation soil noted Ch F++ $5995
C129711 13 55 $100 This R 6 issue pictures slaves loading cotton at center and sailor left and was prepared by Hoyer & Ludwig, Richmond.  This specimen presents full small margins with good centering, clean & bright;  Additional notes:  C132875, XF @ $295   ,  C132865, VF @ $235    Ch CU $695
C130522 14 75 $50 Another high volume production low quality lithographed issue from the Confederacy featuring Moneta seated by treasury chests at center; very irregular margins cut through the frame lines at left end;  Additional notes:  C129731, AU @ $325C130532, Ch XF+, C/C, @ $270C130542, VF+ @ $135 Unc
C133736 15 79 $50

This example has been hammer cut cancels with the cuts closed verso; it has three nice uniform full margins with the bottom margin trimmed just through the frame line, reasonable centering and relatively clean surfaces, for the grade--a very nice, bright note

C128798 16 83 $50 This R-4 variety features red fibers in the paper and engravers names at the left end, under "Fundable"; the trim on this example is quite good being full and uniform on all sides, well centered; Additional notes: C130552, AU @ $1095,  C130562, VF @ $425( C132433, VF/XF COC @ $120 SOLD)  Ch AU
C130572 17 99 $20 This tough note is well framed with only the lower line transgressed slightly at the right, the other margins are tiny but full and the green under printing is bright, outlining "20" at the bottom centerAdditional notes:  ( C132885, Ch VF @ $2595  SOLD)   XF $2750
C130381 18 106 $20 This R-3 variety has the small upper case letter before the left Serial Letter "A";  the margins are cut irregularly , penetrating the top line at the left;  Additional notes:  C121484, AU+ @ $195C130582, VF @ $125,  (C130592, F+ @ $95  SOLD) CU $295
C129370 20 141 $20 This R-3 variety by B. Duncan of Richmond has very tiny margins cut just through the frame line at the top left end; a very nice example of a reasonably common issue; Additional notes: C130602, XF+ @ $100, C130622, VF+ @ $100, C130632, F+ @ $210 Unc+ $425
C130662 21 147 $20 This choice example is printed on heavier paper watermarked CSA and has uniform tiny full margins and great centering; under printed with bright green protectors and panels at each end & is NOT cut cancelled; Additional notes: ( C130672, Ch AU @ $1395  SOLD), C127387, F @ $495 Ch XF/AU $2825
C132895 22 150 $10 Prepared by  Southern Bank Note Co., Serial Letter "A" variety has full irregularly cut margins and good centering; it has bright orange-red over printing, and is quite clean for the grade, ink smears noted verso; Additional notes:   (C130411, VF+ @ $2095 SOLD)  Ch XF $5495
C132635 23 154 $10 This is an R-7 variety printed on plain paper with Serial Letter "A"; the red-orange X--X at the top and TEN at the bottom are light, as is the usual for this issue; the margins are full, although small, with good centering Ch F++ $2595
C126377 24 158 $10 This Rarity 6 issue was printed on paper watermarked "TEN" and possesses tiny full margins with good centering & bright orange-red overprinting, clean; Additional notes:  C129741, VF+ @ $800, (C129380, VF+ @ $595 SOLD) VF+
C132905 25 169 $10 Watermarked CSA in block letters, this R-5 variety has the margins irregularly cut to the secondary frame line at spots with good centering;  Additional notes:   C124847, VF+ @ $475,  C129751, VF @ $450 Ch CU
C129390 26 177 $10 The margins on this issue water marked CSA in script are full, cut just to the frame line at the bottom resulting the centering being shifted downward slightly and overprinted with large "X---X" lower center Additional notes:  C129681, Ch XF+ @ $975 C130682, Ch VF/XF @ $465,   C123785, VF @ $425  AU++ $1495
C133857 27 224 $10 This is a choice example of a very difficult issue to locate, presenting full frame lines and very good centering;  the printing is exceptionally dark, well inked with very clean surfaces and clean sharp hammer cut cancels VF
C130391 28 230 $10 This variety features Ceres and Commerce with an urn left and a small numeral below the Series Letter "A" to the right; margins are tiny and non-uniform; Additional notes:  C126237, AU @ $650,  C129761, VF+ @ $265 AU+ $795
C124096 30 239 $10 This Rarity 4, SECOND SERIES variety lacks the engraver's imprint ("B. Duncan, Columbia, S.C.") and displays semi-uniform margins, with the left margin cut to the frame line, cut cancelled; Additional notes:  C128828, XF+ @ $345,  C128878, VF @ $195  CU $475
C132645 31 244 $5 This Serial Letter "B" R-6 variety was printed on red fiber high quality paper with engraving by the Southern Bank Note Co; exhibits tiny full margins and overprinted with FIVE and 5  5 in orange-red Ch VF+ $2995
C133726 32 246 $5 This example is 100% there--no missing pieces, no rips or tears, just plenty of circulation soil & wear are present with full margins and good centering noted; certainly there are stains along the top, but even the FIVE overprint is still evident;  Additional notes:  C133756, G @ $300  Ch VG $895
C130401 33 254b $5 Identified as the Criswell 254b variety where the Keatinge & Ball printers designation is facing outward, toward the yellow-green protector and printed on plain paper, this example has tiny uniform margins and is well centered;  Additional notes:  C130462, F+ @ $1295  VF+ $1995
C124887 34 264 $5 This Rariety-5 issue was printed on paper watermarked with "CSA" in script letters and posses uniform tiny margins, cut through the frame line at the top left corner, cut cancelled;  Additional notes:  C130692, F+ @ $320   AU


35 271 $5 This difficult to locate Indian Princess issue is well centered within margins that have been invaded the vignette perimeter slightly producing a well centered and framed note that has been graded by PMG as 15, Net, with repair; both surfaces are clean and the professional restoration is barely detectable Ch F+
C129420 36 278 $5 The margins are tight on this SECOND SERIES R-3 issue by J.T. Paterson & Co.; Additional notes:  C122995, Unc @ $350,   C127698, XF+ @ $195 C130712, F++ @ $210  CU $395
C129430 37 284 $5 Uniform margins, tight at the bottom on this R-6 issue by B. Dunkan, Richmond; sailor by bales on a dock in the central vignette; Additional notes: C129099, VF+ @ $525 C132915, Ch F+ @ $295    AU $1375

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