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T-56 to T-63, 1863 Confederate Currency


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Cr. No.






56 403/1 $100 This is an R-4 issue dated April 6th, 1863, printed on "CSA" in block letters and wavy borderline watermarked paper variety with margins cut to the frame lines, upper right corner tip clip; Additional notes: C329871, CU @ $395, C322904, Unc @ $145  CU $350


57 40/8 $50 A Rarity 54issue, 1st SERIES with "Keatinge & Ball, Richmond, VA" below "Fundable" variety exhibiting very tiny regular margins, clean & bright; Additional notes: C330161, XF (C/C) @ $135,   C332965, Ch VF+ @ $250 ,  C330171, VF+ @ $195, ( C330942, VF @ $185 SOLD ,  (C330181, VF (C/C) @ $125 SOLD) CU $350


58 418 $20 A rarity 3 issue, this variety imprinted with 1st SERIES and April 6th, 1863, and printed on plain paper; this example exhibiting irregularly cut margins, cut to the frame lines at the ends and upper left corner; Additional notes: C330952, Ch AU+ @ $225  ,  C321954, AU @ $195, C311438, VF @ $75  CU $350
C321282 59 430/2 $10 Tiny margins cut just to the frame line at the right into the printed device at the upper left of this R-3 issue, this variety printed on plain paper with "1st SERIES"  and "Ptd by Evans & Cogswell" at left with 10 X's & TEN DOLLARS in blue verso; Additional notes:  C330962, Ch Unc+ @ $185, C330972, AU+ @ $165,   C330191, VF @ $135  CU $195
C323095 60 464/11 $5 This Rarity 3, NO SERIES, plain paper, February, 1864 release variety has extremely irregular margins, cut into the devices at the top and bottom right end with five 5's outlined in white by blue overprinting verso; Additional notes:  C315381, CU @ $180,  C323225, AU @ $90,  C323245, XF @ $95C331362, VF @ $70  CU $175
C330992 61 470 $2 This 2nd SERIES issue has full very tiny margins and is well centered; "Engraved by Keatinge & Ball" at the bottom and Lithog'd by "Evans & Cogwell" on the left end; Additional notes: C323005, XF+ @ $475 C315311, G @ $40  AU
C315281 62 474 $1 This R-5 "1st Issue" with a period after both Serial Letters has roughly cut small  margins, clipped at the top right and bottom left corners, and is reasonably centered; the color is bright and the  the printing crisp and well inked AU $105
C329580 63 485 $0.50 A nice example of the 1st SERIES variety with flourishes above the Series letter with the margins cut near the frame lines on all sides & good centering, clean & bright; Additional notes:   (C331352, AU+ @ $60  SOLD) C315261, AU @ $55C326997, AU @ $55   CU $70

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