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T-39 to T-55, 1862 Confederate Currency


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Cr. No.





C230211 39 290 $100 This is the  small letter below "A" variety, this with full margins and well centered; endorsed verso with four interest payments, two blue, one  black and one red, all at Augusta, GA;  Additional notes:  C230732, Ch Unc @ $350 ,   C227728, Unc @ $215, C221744, AU @ $160, C222915. XF @ $145, C230752, VF+ @ $120 Ch CU $230
C230221 40 298 $100 This issue is noted for it's "Diffused Steam" emanating from the locomotive; this variety displaying a small letter below the "A" and margins trimmed close on all sides; interest payments made at Jackson, MS; Additional notes: C227488, Unc @ $195C229781, AU @ $175C230772, XF/AU @ $260, C232685, VF++ @ $150  ,  C230792, VF+ @ $100,  C232675, F+ @ $110  Ch CU $245
C229831 41 316a $100 This block letter CSA watermarked paper variety with scroll #2 and the line stopping before "Except" has no hand cancels verso; the margins are full and semi-uniform with good centering; Additional notes:  ( C230812, Ch CU @ $325,SOLD)   C230802, CU @ $295C229811, Ch Unc @ $295 C232795, Ch AU @ $270  ,  C232725, Gem XF @ $240  C232775, Ch XF @ $230  , C232785, Ch VF+ @ $175  C230832, F+ @ $135 , Ch CU $310
C232585 42 336 $2 This SECOND SERIES issue variety pictures Judah P. Benjamin at left with very tiny irregular margins, cut to the frame lines at the left end and bottom; a very clean example; Additional notes:  C232925, AU @ $305  ,  (C232935, Ch VF @ $130  SOLD)  Ch AU $330
C232655 43 338 $2 Small full uniform margins (cut thru the primary frame line at the top) are seen on this R-6 SECOND SERIES well centered variety issue; overprinted with "2" and TWO in green VF+ $1350
C228868 44 341 $1 A "THIRD SERIES" variety, Rarity 4 issue that has been trimmed close on all sides, cut through the frame line at the top, bright and clean; Additional notes: ( C230291, VF++ @ $195 SOLD) ,  (C215841, F @ $70  SOLD) AU $225
C232936 45 342a $1 A full small irregularly margined example of this Rarity 6 "FIRST ISSUE" with a bright green "1" and ONE overprint; steamer at center, Lucy Pickins at the right and Liberty at the left; Additional notes:  C230862, Ch VF+ @ $795,  C227257, VF @ $695,  C230311, F+ @ $250  Ch AU $1595
C227267 46 343 $10 The variety with the terms of redemption reading "Six Months after"; full irregular margins, cut just to the frame line at the top right with good centering, a nice specimen, hammer cut cancelled; Additional notes: C223825, AU @ $350C229500, VF+ @ $165,   C221222, VG @ $75  CU $395
C221834 49 348 $100 A Rarity 6, "NO SERIES" issue printed on high quality paper watermarked "CSA" in block letters with a wavy borderline; with good centering within very irregularly cut margins ; Additional notes:  C232945, VF @ $410  XF $440
C227848 50 354 $50 This Rarity 6 note with Keatinge & Ball, Richmond, VA below "Fundable" at the left end and printed on block letter CSA watermarked paper has tiny full margins and is well centered; Additional notes: , C211248, XF @ $595C230902, VF @ $425  AU+ $1050
C229530 51 365 $20 An R-4 engraved by Keatinge & Ball with no printers name, "1st Series" and the face of the tower shaded; irregular very small margins cut in at the left end with decorative blue outlining X X and 20    20 verso; Additional notes: C211208, XF+ @ $350, C224578, F @ $75  CU $695
C215101 52 369 $10 Tight irregular margins, cut in at the top left, on this "Printed by B. Duncan", P/H  and the face of the tower not shaded variety; Additional notes: C211127, XF @ $105  AU+ $120
C232443 54 379 $5 An R-5 variety with "1st SERIES" at the left end and no printers name, the Capitol building at center and Memminger at the right, lithography by J.T. Paterson; this with irregular tiny margins on three sides, bottom larger, blue protectors surround 5's verso Additional notes: C222985, XF @ $75  XF $95
C229861 54 392 $2 An R-5 issue with full irregular margins all around, cut close to the frame line at the bottom; this "1st SERIES" variety, with a period after both Serial letters, has good color and is clean; Additional notes: C211011, Unc @ $225C232473, VF/XF @ $175C224599, VF+ @ $155  CU $235
C228278 55 397 $1 A Rarity 4 note of the "1st SERIES", no periods variety with small full margins on all sides; Additional notes:  C230932, Ch XF/AU @ $235 C230341, VF+{ @ $200 Ch Unc+ $340

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